Blind Hockey Night in Port Credit

Welcome to Blind Hockey Night in Port Credit! Tonight's game features the Blind Hockey All-Stars vs Team Rudy Cuzzetto! All funds raised will go to support Canadian Blind Hockey and the MHL's Play More Program! Tune into all the action at www.ParaSport.TV

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What is ParaSport TV?

An online platform bringing ParaSport games to the global stage

What do we do?

We broadcast your ParaSport event live for the world to watch

What is our mission?

To become the world leader in broadcasting ParaSport coverage

Our Story

How It Started

My name is Nicco Cardarelli, and I am the owner and founder of ParaSport TV; a network that was essentially created in less than 72 hours...although the idea for an adaptive sports network was something I had been toying with for a long while prior.

After working with Canadian Blind Hockey since 2013, I noticed a need for a platform that was capable of live streaming various para sport events online to a global audience...a 2012 study revealed that nearly one-third of working-aged Canadian's live with a disability, and those numbers have only continued to grow...considering that over 3-million Canadian are legally disabled, to me it seemed long overdue that there be a sports network that showcased the disabled community's incredible athletic achievements and abilities. 

So fast-forward to late January 2019...I was hanging out with a buddy in his garage, and I was telling him about my idea for the adaptive sports network...we were brainstorming ideas and discussing other aspects of ParaSport TV, when my friend suggested I check to see if the domain ParaSport.TV was available...sure enough it was, and I felt like that was my sign to make this happen. Right there in his garage I bought the domain www.ParaSport.TV  and within 72 hours from then I created a logo, I designed and built the website, created the social accounts, and put the wheels in motion to launch the first ever parasport focused sports channel in Canada.

What We Do

Since our inception, ParaSport TV has worked with clients like the 2019 Ontario ParaSport Games Durham, the 2019 Canadian Junior National Goalball Championships, the Ontario Blind Sports Association, the Ontario Sledge Hockey Association, the Canadian Blind Hockey Association, the Toronto Ice Owls, and others.

We have covered sports like Goalball, Blind Soccer, Blind Hockey, and more! We are looking to cover more great para sports like Wheelchair Basketball, Sitting Volleyball, Swimming, Sledge Hockey, Wheelchair Tennis, and Wheelchair Rugby in the near future!

Our technical setup is similar to HockeyTV, in that I offer a single camera broadcast, equipped for two commentators + the ability to bring interview guests on live. Unlike subscription based pay-per-view sites, ParaSport TV broadcasts live to YouTube which allows viewers to watch for free in addition to giving fans access to the games after the live stream is over. We are equipped to broadcast from anywhere, and all we require from the event location is an ethernet jack to connect to the internet with.

Our Mission

At ParaSport TV we are always excited to work with new groups, and are committed to ensuring we put your para sport event in the spotlight.  All our content is inclusive, interactive, and much so, that on our first ever show we used a visually impaired camera operator to film the action at the event!

Our live event viewership numbers consistently range anywhere from 500-2,000 unique views (and growing with each show), and our live broadcasts are always archived so that you can watch them for free anytime after the event has ended.

No subscription costs, no difficulties watching the archive, and an interactive platform allowing viewers to be a part of the show through the live chat thread feature.

Simply put, streaming with ParaSport TV gives your event the greatest exposure possible while giving your fans the best and most interactive viewing experience possible!

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